Witchfinder - Ruth Warburton Pretty cover is pretty – we should all know better than to be swayed by this, and yet…

Ah, this book. Where to even begin. There was so much potential for this to be a true winner and not the formulaic, overdone and one-dimensional story it turned out to be. The storyline was straightforward and simple enough, even believable enough, if a little iffy on some details, but the execution fell short, making it a bland story about bland people who happily fit the roles they’d been assigned. There is no real depth or complexity to either the characters of the plot.

Which is sad, because it was enjoyable enough. I liked the idea of it. I liked the romance. There was nothing about it that was atrociously unforgivable. But it definitely does not reach its mark.

I had a real issue with Sebastian, your standard villain, archetypal in every way with not a drop of flavor. If you’re going to have an antagonist please make him a real person, not an evil robot (unless the story is, in fact, about robots gone bad). That ending also ticked me off immensely – not the ending itself, but the way it was done. Awkward and theatrical in setting, I was shaking my head the whole time. Rosa’s family was another example of done-by-the-book, typical and boring and old news.

Overall, it wasn’t bad, but lacked a little twist, a little zest of something different – instead it brought nothing new to the table. I would read the next one, but definitely won’t be waiting anxiously for it.