The Lost Boys: True Love Never Dies...

The Lost Boys: True Love Never Dies... - Lilian Carmine That tagline should have been my first warning. The crazily inaccurate comparison to Twilight the second.

Alas, what to say about this book. Not much good, that’s for sure. The plotline was weak at best and had crazy detours that added nothing but high school drama to the mix. The characters were one dimensional, not to mention that all of the Lost Boys were pretty much flawless, gorgeous male specimens. I could never even tell them apart. They mostly operated as a mass instead of individual beings – the were The Band, unfailingly supportive, uniformly bland.

Worst of all, the writing. It’s reflected in everything else how incredibly childish it is. And those exclamation marks! Were a little bit abused! OMG!

It wasn’t a total travesty. It was lightly entertaining, occasionally funny. Yet this was not enough to save it as a whole. It feels more like a rough first draft, unpolished. And quite frankly, I didn’t feel like it brought anything new.

There’s more, though: it’s a series.