Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars - Clayton Zane I don’t even quite know what to say about this book except for a big fat NO.

Clayton Zane is, in addition to being a writer, a filmmaker, and this novel started off sounding like an introductory movie voiceover – then continued to sound the same until the very end. I enjoyed it at first, despite this. The writing had a nice lyrical quality to it, though a little forced at times, and I kept waiting for the tone to change. It never did though and eventually the likability it held at first dissipated, turning into an endless loop of the same thing only in different scenes.

I wanted to like it. Music as a theme, and a rock ‘n’ roll band in particular, is something that appeals to me and was the reason I picked this up in the first place. But the same old song and dance of the tortured musical artist who indulges in drugs and alcohol didn’t have an ounce of uniqueness to make it stand out. The fact that both his salvation and his downfall come in the form of a girl did not help.

Which leads us to characters – the main character, whose name I don’t think we ever learn, ended up being an idiot. Idiot is not in fact the first thing that comes to mind, but let’s keep it civilized. His actions are moronic at best, his atrocious behavior and his awareness of this grated on my nerves until I wanted to slap him repeatedly (though, truthfully, I doubt it would have done any good). Carla is uninspired at best, James couldn’t be more formulaic, and the rest don’t even bear mentioning.

Overall it had some potential but quickly plummeted downhill. Disappointing, frustrating, and ultimately unremarkable.