Me Since You

Me Since You - Laura Wiess Me Since You handles grief in a very direct in-your-face kind of way. It is not the kind of book that moves with subtlety or grace, there are no half-words and hidden meanings. Everything is clear and all the hurt is right before you, spelled out all over the pages. I am not saying this is a bad thing.

I’m not sure how to talk about this one because it was so raw. So obvious. Sometimes, I felt, a little too obvious. A little too much. But isn’t the path of grief composed of that too? Rowan’s story, though uniquely her own, will resonate with anyone who has gone through the grieving process. I am not really equipped, fortunately, to say whether or not it is an accurate journey, but I believe Weiss did a good job of capturing the anguish.

I would say that the one thing I wasn’t so fond of was how one-dimensional it was, though I understand why. There was nothing beyond it, as when tragedy hits there is nothing beyond that for a while. And though it might make it more real, it also makes it a hard book to read.

Despite the fact that it didn’t have a big impact on me, I still managed to really enjoy this book. It is well written, simple and straightforward, honest and touching. It was well paced, with good characters, beautifully portraying the all-consuming sorrow of loss and the hopeful beginnings of healing.