John Dreamer

John Dreamer - Elise Celine John Dreamer sounded and looked like a winner. I love when books toy with the surreal and the subconscious and dreams have always been one of my favorite topics. So although my expectations weren’t sky-high, I was hoping for something at the very least semi-good.


There is certainly a nugget of a good idea in it, but it’s very poorly executed. Simplistic, dumbed-down spelled-out writing. No nuance or subtlety. Preachy and eye-roll inducing. It boils down to a bunch of life lessons disguised as narrative, with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure. It’s a pity because it really could have been good, if it had been explored better. The characters were so formulaic, completely one-dimensional.

For some reason I feel like the author wrote this book with stupid readers in mind. So everything is clear as day, obvious, unimaginative. This saddens me more than any other flaw, and it is probably why it took me so long to power through the book and finish.

A major letdown in all aspects.