Modelland - Tyra Banks Where to start. a whole mess of things. Incredibly silly, riddled with nonsense – not the good, Wonderland kind, either – and some just plain bizarre erm, stuff. Many, many times I wondered why I was still reading. In parts, it was so bad I wanted to put it down (or burn it) and never look at it again.
Yet, as ridiculous as it was, it did have its moments of entertainment. Okay, yes, it was terrible, but occasionally so-terrible-it’s-funny and I found myself actually smiling. Oh, it’s still some of the most atrocious writing I’ve ever seen and it was still painful to get through, but, possibly, for some reason unknown to me, I think I might just read the next one in the series. Although, I cringe to think of it – especially if it’s anything like the first: filled with supposedly heartwarming moments that are just so lame and cliché they made me want to barf. She also has the gift of ruining what could have been a decent scene with something really juvenile.
I just…don’t even know what to make of this one. I’ll get back to you after I find some really good brain bleach.