The Lifeboat

The Lifeboat - Charlotte Rogan I am ambivalent about this book. I wanted to like it more than I did, and as it ended I enjoyed it a bit more than I had thus far. But the fact remains that it was not an easy book for me to get through – it did not grab me, despite being impeccably written. If I wasn’t so stubborn about seeing it through, I don’t think I’d have many qualms about putting it down.

It was the cover that did it, I admit. I fell in love with the cover in such a way that even as I was struggling to read it, I couldn’t not finish it.

The premise was interesting, the writing lyrical. I had a really hard time liking Grace, though. I felt no empathy for this character, and though I was happy with the ending, I was not exactly satisfied with her progress. I love that the author posed the kind of hard questions and moral struggles that don’t have any real good answer – but there were some many things happening in that boat that I opposed to so vehemently that it was hard not to judge.

I am glad I read it, but it wasn’t an entirely pleasant voyage.