The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon This book had been on my must-read list for a very long time. It won a number of prizes, had an interesting title, had been on the spotlight for quite some time and sounded really interesting.

I have enjoyed other books written from the perspective of a child – Room, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close come to mind – and the fact that it was someone with “behavioral difficulties” only made it more interesting. However, I couldn’t help but be disappointed.

The fact that the book is classified as a mystery irked me. The only mysteries were solved about half-way through and I didn’t even find them to be that mysterious. What was really saddening though, was how much potential the book had. I felt like it could have been a masterpiece, but there was simply something missing. I have no idea what, but I truly wanted to love it and found myself incapable of such. I enjoyed the writing, but it failed to grab me or move me. I am even ambivalent about the characters – I both liked and disliked them. Nothing about this book was as strong as love or hate for me – this is perhaps the greatest tragedy.

Maybe I read it at the wrong time, or maybe I just expected to much – or, more likely, I simply failed to connect with it.